VE Testing (License Exams)

The Washington County Amateur Radio Club holds Amateur Radio License Exam Sessions (VE Testing) prior to each monthly club meeting. Anyone interested in testing for a new license or upgrading existing privileges is welcome – no membership in any club or organization is required.

Before Your Exam

  • Are you ready to take an exam? Do you have questions? Will you need any special accommodations? Please contact our VE coordinator.
  • All candidates must contact our VE coordinator to pre-register and reserve a seat prior to exam day. The location of the exam session will be distributed to candidates prior to exam day.
  • All candidates must register with the FCC and receive an FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to exam day. The FCC registration process requires a valid e-mail address. Each exam candidate is required to provide the FRN to the testing staff on the day of exam. For more information on how to obtain an FRN, visit the ARRL’s What to bring to an Exam Session page.

Day of Exam

  • All exam candidates will be provided with contact information for the VE team in case of any issues arising on exam day.
  • Each exam requires a fee of $15.00 paid prior to the start of the exam to cover the costs of preparing and administering the exam.
  • Exam candidates are required to show one legal photo identification (ID) (e.g., state driver’s license, government issued passport, military or law enforcement officer photo ID, student school photo ID, state photo ID). If a photo ID is not available, exam candidates are required to show two forms of ID (e.g., non-photo state ID, birth certificate with seal, social security card, employer’s wage statement or minor’s work permit, school ID, school or public library card, utility bill, bank statement, other business correspondence that specifically names the exam candidate, postmarked envelope addressed to the exam candidate at the mailing address to be used on FCC Form 605). For more information on the ID requirements visit the ARRL’s What to bring to an Exam Session page.

After The Exam

  • Exam candidates who successfully pass the technician license exam are required to pay a $35.00 license fee to the FCC. A request for payment will be sent to the e-mail address registered to the FCC Registration Number (FRN) provided on the day of exam. Licenses will not be generated until after the fee has been paid. This fee is not applicable to license upgrades or modifications.